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J.A. Wright and Associates is a professional Private Investigation firm specializing in Private Investigations, Asset Locates, Information Research, Document Retrieval and Skip Trace. The firm is located in Coral Springs / Fort Lauderdale, with a branch office in Wellington / West Palm Beach Incorporated in the State of Florida. J.A. Wright and Associates is fully licensed and insured to conduct Private Investigations throughout the State of Florida, as well as nationwide.

J.A. Wright and Associates is managed and supervised by a Former Law Enforcement Officer with many years of military and law enforcement training and experience

J.A. Wright and Associates can furnish confidential, accurate and timely information for Personal Use, Business Professionals, Attorneys and Insurance Providers facing strategic decisions. All investigations are conducted with a methodlogy that is balanced, deliberate and cost effective.

If you need regular or certified copies of any court documents, files or documents, you can depend on J.A. Wright and Associates.

J.A. Wright and Associates Agency's staff has extensive experience in the areas of video surveillance, public record retrieval, electronic data base searches, locating missing persons, idenitification of assets, witness interviews, personal and criminal background investigations. We have access to nationwide public records that we can retrieve through our direct line computer databases, and court house searches. Our staff members include Paralegals and Bilingual Investigators.

J.A. Wright and Associates can also assist with national investigations with our investigative contacts.

Florida Statute 493.6119 Divulging Investigative Information (Partial) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter or other law, no license, or any employee of a licensee or licensed agency shall divulge or release to anyone other than his or her client or employee the contents of an investigation file acquired in the course of licensed investigative activity. This means that your privacy and confidentiality, no matter what state you live in, are 100% protected when you choose our agency to conduct your research.

J.A. Wright and Associates was established by a Former Law Enforcement Officer in 1993.